Further Resources

Learn more about HIV by exploring further educational resources on HIV/AIDS.  

Knowledge Is Power

Understating HIV is the key to living without unconscious HIV stigma. If you want to learn more about the virus, there are hundreds of fantastic resources online that can help teach you anything and everything you might want to know. 

Here, you can find a list of some of the best educational resources on the internet. 

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with HIV:

Evidence-based content on sex and sexual content.

The CDC provides a wealth of information on HIV for anyone living with the virus. The site also offers valuable HIV resources for people living within the US. 

A global network of young people living with HIV around the world.

HIV Prevention :

General information on how to protect yourself from HIV and prevent further infections. 

Further HIV Resources :

AIDS Map breaks down the concept of U=U. 

Global HIV & AIDS statistics from 2021 provided by the United Nations. 

A digital and print magazine for people living with HIV. 

News and information on HIV/AIDS. 

A CDC article on the dangers of self-stigma. 

Q&A on the basics of HIV. 

Safer Sex Resources :

A CDC page dedicated to essential resources relating to safer sex practices.  

Injection Drug Use Resources :

CDC article on risk and prevention strategies for injection drug users at risk of HIV. 

Further reading for people who practice injection drug use.  

HIV Podcasts:

The AIDS Society’s HIV Unmuted is hosted by Femi Oke and examines HIV from a variety of societal angles. 

Open conversations hosted by UN AIDS where guests discuss how HIV/AIDS has changed their lives.