Get Involved

The best way to support the campaign is to show your support online and in your local community by educating people on the reality of HIV today.

If you’re interested in helping the campaign, you can reach out to the team and become a supporter via the Get in Touch page.

Support The Campaign

Community Involvement

Starting a conversation around HIV is the most powerful tool against HIV stigma. As HIV enters the public conversation more people will become aware of it and realize that the virus has changed. 

The best way to support the campaign is to spark conversation in your local community. You can also reach out to local sexual health clinics and organizations to see how you can help in other ways. 

Become a Partner of Update HIV

If your organization or business would like to sponsor the campaign or become a partner, you can reach out to the ohhh! foundation directly. 

You can see the campaign’s current partners and sponsors here

Rename HIV

Discover the latest name suggestions for HIV and vote on your favorites here. You can also submit your own suggestions for a new name for HIV and explain your case on social media using the hashtag #HIVRebranded