Update HIV is a global health campaign led by the ohhh! foundation. Our goal is to end HIV stigma once and for all. 

What is Update HIV?

Discover some of the most frequently asked questions around the campaign and discover how you can get involved. 

The ohhh! foundation

Ohhh! is the organization for Human Health and Happiness. Founded in 2009, ohhh! has grown to be a leading voice for innovation in prevention and provides sex education programmes for schools, creates public awareness campaigns and is an initiator of a large-scale condom distribution program.

The foundation is supported by and works closely with partners like global brands, institutions and governments to reach out to provide sexual health solutions for young people.


Youth Against AIDS

Youth Against AIDS is the driving force behind Update HIV and an internationally led youth initiative. YAA is focused on improving the sexual health and well-being of young people in Southern Africa through a variety of services with an emphasis on HIV prevention.


FAQ YOU is a sex-positive and youth-led initiative based in Germany. The project is continuously innovating and reinventing how it approaches sex and sexuality. The goal of FAQ YOU is to unite the most important offers, facts, and services related to sexual health under one single service. Ensuring that young people can access the information they need in a fun, sex-positive way.

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Update HIV

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